Orbitkey hit it out of the park with their first version for reasons that are pretty self evident. Having to deal with a disorganized keyring sucks, and they solved it in a utilitarian but stylish way. Now, the small company based out of Melbourne has come through with a new and updated design that fits even more utility into their set.

Nearly everything about the tool has been slimmed down and made just a bit fresher. The most notable changes on the Orbitkey are likely the multi-tool and the new USB 3.0 stick that is both smaller and can store more. Along with these changes is an update in the types of materials you can choose from. They’ve stuck with the rubber and leather, but have added a canvas strap to the mix. For a tighter fit and slimmer profile, Orbitkey has also used some new stainless steel hardware that squeezes between two and seven keys more tightly together, thus reducing jangling and clanking, in turn making it easier to keep in your pocket. These are all solid improvements on an already solid product and a good sign that the company is all about pushing themselves to continually reiterate and refine their offerings. Prices start at $22. [Purchase]


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